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Inmatech is an emerging company dedicated to next generation supercapacitors that incorporate low-cost, high-performing materials to optimize energy storage for a number of key industries.

Technology Description:
Inmatech is developing hybrid energy storage (HES) devices that integrate their low cost innovative asymmetric supercapacitors in parallel with a commercially established lead-acid battery for clean inner city transportation. They focus on light two and four wheelers that traditionally use lead acid batteries. Consumers are looking for longer life and higher power for a minimum premium. Start/stop systems, hybrid vehicles and electrified fleet vehicles are rapidly emerging in secondary markets. The benefits of supercapacitors are well accepted, but cost and integration were hampering broad market penetration. Compared to Li-ion batteries, Inmatech’s solution results in lower cost and weight, increased operational life, and excellent low temperature performance of the system under the aggressive loads imposed by the frequent start/stop operation.

Inmatech has proven the technical feasibility of using proprietary low-cost, nanostructured vanadium nitride (VN) based electrodes and an asymmetric cell architecture with aqueous electrolytes to manufacture high energy density supercapacitors.

Currently Seeking:
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