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UCCTC spends a lot of time thinking about and exploring our clients’ needs to increase their chances of success in the China market. We strengthen thought leadership, business, entrepreneurship, investment, and trade relations between the business communities of the United States and China. While we assist companies operating across the vast clean technology industry, our primary sectoral focus is on clean transportation, water/wastewater treatment, renewables, air pollution control and monitoring, energy efficiency, and energy storage and distribution.


UCCTC provides sound market and policy analysis and research built on a solid 10-year track record of leading U.S.-China cleantech collaboration and deep analytic expertise in cleantech sectors. LEARN MORE > 


UCCTC promotes its clients’ technologies through an intimate circle of interaction via state-of-the-art clean technology pavilions in key markets, industry newsletters and websites, editorial content, and social media platforms. LEARN MORE >

“UCCTC’s organization and presence in China is a force multiplier in terms of mitigating the challenges of access and understanding of policy makers, regulators, and prospective customers. As we enter the Chinese market for a diverse portfolio of products, UCCTC is an integral part of our strategy.”
Mazzi Ghoddoussi, i2m


UCCTC’s GreenMakerSPACE is a cross-border business incubation platform whose mission is to support cleantech entrepreneurs and startups looking to expand into China, as well as Chinese startups interested in doing business abroad. Launched by UCCTC in 2015, the Program delivers mentorship, education, connections and funding opportunities designed specifically for cleantech startups in the U.S., Israel, and China. LEARN MORE >


The Landing Center Program jumpstarts Chinese cleantech companies’ entrance into the U.S. and Israeli markets in a cost-effective and risk mitigated way. Access a network of Chinese (U.S.) partners that will facilitate a smooth landing into China (U.S.) market with offers such as flexible office space, business office management, international business support, and connections to key market players, technology experts, and government and investment resources. LEARN MORE >


UCCTC’s certified trade missions have assisted in cementing several MOUs and transactions between US and Chinese companies, bringing millions of dollars of revenue to the US participants. LEARN MORE>


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