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UCCTC maintains strategic partnerships with several cities and business districts in China: Tianjin, Dongying, Yixing, Changzhou, and Zhuhai to name a few. These city partnerships establish a platform of trust, effectively connecting U.S. companies with leading Chinese cleantech markets and positioning them for success in the local marketplace.

Since 2013, UCCTC’s City Partnerships have established several cleantech assets and cooperation channels:

U.S. Clean Technology Product and Services Pavilion (Tianjin)
UCCTC’s match-making partner is the first low-carbon, economic and technological innovation promotion center in China with a focus on international cooperation. UCCTC’s technology pavilion serves as a premier information-sharing and business match-making platform for U.S. and Chinese energy and environmental technologies seeking to increase their market share in China.

China-U.S. Clean Technology Transfer Center (Dongying, Shandong Province)
Established in 2014 as a public service platform for the China-U.S. Clean Energy Cooperation Area in Dongying, CUCTTC partnered with UCCTC to promote American clean energy technologies, integrate strategic resources and best practices, and oversee the transfer of technology and applications in China’s local market sectors.

Global Clean Vehicle Summit (Changzhou, Shanghai)
The Wujin National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone (WIZ) hired UCCTC to organize the Global Clean Vehicle Summit 2015 in an effort to further strengthen exchange and cooperation with U.S. clean vehicle technology organizations. GCVS15’ was a first-of-its-kind event in China, providing rewarding promotional, educational and networking experiences for the city of Changzhou and all the Summit attendees, and laid the groundwork for GCVS to become an annual gathering of an exclusive group of international automotive industry experts and thought leaders.

Zhuhai North America Trade Representative Office (Los Angeles, CA)
UCCTC manages the Zhuhai Bureau of Commerce’s, affiliated with Zhuhai municipal government, promotion of the city’s trade and investment with the United States, which open doors for both inbound and outbound investment opportunities for American cleantech businesses.

International Tech Transfer and Cooperation Projects (Shanghai/Weifang/Yixing/Linyi)
UCCTC organizes many technical seminars and conferences in China and the U.S. for many “second and third-tier” cities, building strong relationships with potential investors and business partners in one of China’s fastest growing and heavily polluted cities. In recent years, UCCTC has organized and hosted the “China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Seminar and Matchmaking,” “Sino-U.S. Clean Water Technology Seminar Exchange,” “U.S.-China Technology and Talents Exchange Meeting,” and many others.