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Calera believes that environmental sustainability can be and should be coupled with economic sustainability and has focused on clean technologies that are also compelling stand alone economic business cases. This is true for both of Calera’s core technologies: the conversion of CO2 into beneficial reuse products and more energy efficient production of industrial chemicals. Calera has been developing a CO2 conversion to materials technology that captures and sequesters CO2 as well as provides a sustainable economic case. Using this technology it is possible to produce construction materials that are “green” but also have superior performance such as weight and strength over currently available construction materials. Because of the ability to generate reactive calcium carbonates with unique properties, Calera’s CO2mineralization process is one of those rare technologies where the business models exists today to make CO2 sequestration commercially attractive in certain applications. In these cases the economic feasibility is underpinned not by the price of CO2 but by the actual sale of better products that also contain sequestered CO2. Calera is currently focused on regions, feedstocks and product markets where the business case works today and plans to continue to expand the technology applications to more and more CO2 capture situations and broader scale as the technology matures. Calera, based in Los Gatos California, operates a pilot and demonstration plant next to a 1000 MW power plant in nearby Moss Landing.

Technology Description:
Calera’s process for CO2 reduction involves the capture of CO2 gas from industrial emitting stheirces and converting the CO2 into a novel calcium carbonate cement system that can be used to make a variety of valuable products. Calera’s focus is on the manufacture of building materials and more specifically, novel board products from Calera’s novel cement system. Calera’s process removes CO2 from emitting stheirces without having to concentrate the CO2 and converts the gas into a solid form of calcium carbonate thereby permanently sequestering the CO2. The Calera process is unique in that environmental sustainability is coupled with economic sustainability and is a CO2 capture and conversion technology that turns CO2 into a profitable feedstock.

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