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advanced battery

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC), a Michigan based LLC, has developed revolutionary, advanced, bipolar,lead-acid battery technology, termed GreenSeal®, that radically changes the cost-performance envelop of lead-acid batteries. ABC has now successfully demonstrated all manufacturing operations producing batteries that are exceeding industry standards based on independent test results.

Technology Description:
Due to the reduced bill-of-materials, GreenSeal® technology enables lead-acid battery manufacturers to increase their grossmargin by 20 to 30 points at today’s wholesale pricing. More importantly, GreenSeal® technology allows lead-acid battery manufacturers to participate in high growth markets such as e-bike in Asia, micro-start stop hybrid electric vehicles and grid-scale energy storage (UPS) applications with up to 6Xincrease in cycle life. Purposefully, GreenSeal® technology is designed to fit into today’s lead-acid industry from materials to production processes to recycling. This enables rapid adoption of the technology into existing manufacturing operations and sales channels.

Currently Seeking:
Strategic/Equity Alliance, Direct Investment, Turnkey Operations/Construction

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