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California Lithium Battery, Inc. is in the business of developing and commercializing leading edge battery materials, components, cells and systems. Its novel very-high capacity Li-ion silicon-graphene composite anode material was developed over several years in conjunction with Argonne National Laboratory. It has shown to outperform conventional graphite anode materials by more than 300%+ in independent laboratory tests. CalBattery is now in the process of scaling up to produce SiGr anode material to meet the growing demand from global Li-ion battery and EV manufacturers.

Technology Description:
For most advanced batteries used in the market, graphite is typically used because it is lightweight and has a relatively high energy density. In comparison, silicon offers a much higher energy density potential, but is typically not stable enough for commercial use – after a few charges the silicon cracks and the battery is inoperable. To solve this issue, CalBattery’s technology embeds nano-silicon on the graphite anode, which provides a much more stable anode. The potential results: an anode that can greatly increase lithium-battery energy density.

Developed in cooperation with Argonne National Laboratory in 2010, this technology takes full advantage of graphene’s strength and elasticity to stabilize silicon in a composite anode. That is, CalBattery’s unique manufacturing process for SiGr anodes uniformly embeds nano-silicon into graphene platelets in stable structures that in turn absorb the silicon expansion during charging. This creates the most stable silicon anode material known today – effectively tripling anode specific capacity (from 325mAh/g to 1,250mAh/g) over the traditional graphite anode materials used today.

Currently Seeking:
Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance, Direct Investment

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