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Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. produces a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry that establishes an entirely new platform technology for the chemical industry. Bio-Organic Catalyst’s breakthrough bio-organic catalyst compositions (BOCs), are all manufactured to deliver the highest strength and quality biocatalysts, in highly concentrated liquid formulations. They provide a significant advancement over all other currently available chemicals, or biological agents, due to their total life cycle enhancement of the fundamental linkage between water and organic wastes, and are completely safe to use (USDA), or discharge into public waterways (US EPA). Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. received a 2005 Frost and Sullivan Product Innovation Award for Advanced Catalysts, which recognizes a company’s research and development program that has, or is expected to, bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture.

Technology Description:
The bio-catalytic compositions (BOCs) of Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. offer an entirely new technological breakthrough within the traditional water treatment and cleaning chemistries marketplace. BOCs are all based upon a breakthrough technological understanding of how to unlock the inherent transformation power of natural biological pathways. The BOC products contain no bacteria, and are completely nontoxic and biodegradable. BOCs are built upon the powerful bio-catalytic capabilities of a fermentation supernatant, derived from plants and minerals, offering a highly enriched and concentrated nutrient stheirce. This is blended with surface modifying components into a very powerful liquid concentrate which, in water, create ultra-fine micro-bubbles that act as a platform for highly accelerated chemical and biological reactions for much higher conversion rates within water and solid waste treatment.

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