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CERES Corporation is a remediation products company focusing on innovative and economical solutions for the sustainable remediation of heavy metals, petroleum and chlorinated organic contamination.

Technology Description:
Advanced Biological Treatment Solution – 100% Biodegradable Micro- & Macro- Nutrients for Microbial and Organic Systems Stimulation and Soil Treatment:Enhanced bioremediation product comprised of an all-natural solution of essential micro- and macro-nutrients and a complete source of electron acceptors required for stimulation and the proliferation of indigenous microorganisms and accelerated biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, fuel oxygenates, poly aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated benzene and many more contaminants in both soil, groundwater and surface water environments.

Metals Treatment Solution- Chemistry for sustained heavy metals stabilization:Advanced formulation of engineered stabilization chemistries for the use in chemical stabilization of heavy metals and enhancement of solidification applications incorporating Portland cement. Decades of metals remediation and stabilization experience culminating into the MTS product comprised of the following components depending upon target contaminants.

Slow Release Oxygen Chemistry for applications of Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation:Enhanced aerobic bioremediation via introduction of oxygen is used to stimulate the proliferation of indigenous microorganisms and accelerate biodegradationof petroleum hydrocarbons, some fuel oxygenates and select chlorinated compounds.

Zero Valent Iron – High quality and purity iron powder and granules for water treatment or conditioning, permeable reactive barriers, and other soil remediation applications: 25 years of experience in ZVI manufacturing. Our Zero valent iron powder is manufactured from 100% recycled virgin iron residual material from trusted OEM manufacturers with iron content greater than 92% and very low carbon and other residuals content. We use high quality raw materials and proprietary grinding and pulverizing technology to produce 8000 metric tons per year of ZVI powder with no appreciable surface oxides.

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