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The HaloSource story began in 1998, when Dr. Jeffrey F. Williams, professor of microbiology at Michigan State University, assembled a strategic alliance of scientists and industry experts to make water better. Their focus? Innovative, effective technologies that were environmentally conscious.

HaloSource is a global company that develops clean technologies to disinfect and purify the water we drink, play in, clean with and put back into our water systems. As a recognized expert in the industry, they’re leading the charge in the human health needs of water worldwide.

From their current global success back to their academic beginnings, their key goals have remained the same: To provide affordable, reliable solutions that give people all over the world access to clean water.

Technology Description:
HaloPure is an innovative water-purification technology that helps make drinking water cleaner and safer around the world. Through our partnerships with global manufacturing leaders, their unique cartridges are effectively eliminating illness-causing germs in drinking water systems worldwide.

HaloPure solutions are versatile and can be applied to a variety of point-of-use devices, both gravity and pressure. When combined with our drinking water technologies, HaloPure has been proven to enhance systems to help them exceed even the strictest drinking water standards.

HaloKlear products are used to treat storm, industrial and municipal water, including pollutants in construction site runoff, by reversing the process of water contamination through a combination of advanced, environmentally friendly, natural biopolymer technologies.

When it comes to handling dirty water, HaloKlear has built its reputation on creating reliable, effective and safe solutions that can solve all kinds of sediment control problems. HaloKlear’s Dual Polymer System (DPS) uses natural biopolymers that completely biodegrade through simple enzymatic activity, resulting in no bioaccumulation. The primary active ingredients are commonly used in the dietary supplement and food industries.

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