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Cooper Environmental Services (CES) has the unique capability to measure and interpret elements using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) in a fully-automated fashion. Using this core technology, CES was the first to commercially manufacture an XRF-based multi-metals continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) in the world. This automated XRF technology is also used to measure and interpret elements in ambient air, and will soon be adapted to a multi-metals water monitoring system. Beyond manufacturing, CES offers a myriad of other services and knowledge to serve the needs of air quality issues.

Technology Description:
Although particulate matter (PM) is listed as a criteria pollutant by the US EPA, PM measurements alone do not tell the whole story. Multiple studies show that PM-toxicity can vary drastically due to the presence of toxic metals and provide direct links between airborne particulate metals and adverse health effects. CES’ Xact™ Ambient Metals Monitor provides the necessary PM speciation to accurately assess the presence of toxic metals for protection of human health and the environment.

CES’ Xact™ 625 is designed for monitoring metals in ambient air, fence-line of industrial facilities and in complex urban environments, where particulate matter and metal concentrations are typically elevated.

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