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At the forefront of the global ‘green agricultural revolution’, Clear Currents’ range of seaStar and ecoStar products deliver innovative natural solutions that create healthier crops, improve food quality, and repair soil damaged by toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Clear Currents, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is a green agriculture company dedicated to promoting a healthier, more abundant food supply through innovative natural solutions. Their mission is to be a leader in providing innovative green solutions that replace toxic chemicals and other environmentally harmful products used by agriculture. We seek to accomplish this by becoming a ‘Solutions Partner’ with agricultural customers – by providing them viable alternatives.

Technology Description:
All Flow is a technologically advanced product natural in origin, safe to handle and organically biodegradable in application. A complex mixture of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, the All Flow formulation includes a stimulant that works on eliminating a vast array of odors that often exist at food processing plants, food preparation areas, drainage systems, landfills, sludges, washdown areas, and other areas. Most odors are created by inadequate microbial activity. All Flow excites the cell metabolism of the odor-causing microorganisms through bacterial and enzymatic stimulation to help the waste decompose efficiently and effectively. This results in enhanced odor control and positive environmental impact. All Flow can be sprayed over the working face of landfills, used in landfill sites, perimeter fogging systems, sludge pits or compost piles. In order to ensure that odors are eliminated and cease to create a problem, All Flow should be applied on a regular basis. The frequency and number of applications are dependent on the strength and the type of odor.

SeaStar Soil, a natural biocatalytic agent fortified with a combination of enzymes, increases productivity of husbanded land and aids in promoting conditioning of marginal or unclaimed areas. SeaStar Soil digests and/or emulsifies the molecular shrouds that encapsulate nutritional and other soluble trace elements locked up or otherwise dormant in the soil, reducing the amount of fertilizers subsequently required. It also stimulates the activity of beneficial cultures and enhances plant synthesis through the rapid breakdown of composts and timely conversion of artificial and native fertilizer substances.

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