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AtmosAirTM Solutions mission is to bring and restore to every indoor environment possible the same clean and pure quality of air that is typically only found at higher mountain elevations.Their unique and proven air purification process can eliminate mold, control bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses and reduce airborne particles and germs that get past normal filtration solutions. Their technology involves an all-natural process and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultraviolet light, commonly found in many other products.

Technology Description:
In the most pristine environments there are naturally higher ion levels. These levels fall as we enter into more populated and polluted environments. Air ions are nature’s air cleaning method. Bi-Polar ion systems are designed to increase air ions to a higher level as would be found in an natural state where no pollution exists. This will improve the quality of the air.

Air carries oxygen molecules over the dielectric barrier (bi-polar ion tube). The bi-polar ion tube produces positively and negatively charged air ions. Negatively and positively charged air ions are attracted to and bond with oppositely charged airborne pollutants. Interactions occur reduce contaminant levels and produce cleaner air.

Currently Seeking:
Direct Sales (Exports), Joint Venture, Licensing Technology, Contract Manufacturing

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